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Founder & Inventor: Marsha J. Falco

Marsha Jean Falco, Founder and longtime-CEO of Set Enterprises, Inc., invented the company’s first game, SET, in 1974 while doing genetic research in Cambridge, England. Marsha received her M.S. in Population Genetics from Michigan State University and her B.S. in Animal Science from Arizona State University.

Marsha was a Population Geneticist who was trying to understand whether epilepsy in German Shepherds is inherited.  To study the genes and chromosomes in the dogs’ cells, Marsha created file cards with blocks of information for each dog.  Because certain blocks of information were the same on each file card, she drew symbols to represent blocks of data, rather than writing out the data.  She used symbols with different properties to represent different gene combinations.  While explaining the combinations to the veterinarians she was working with, Marsha decided there could be some fun in the combinations of symbols and SET was born.  Over the years, Marsha refined the game by playing with her family and friends and it was finally released in 1990.

Marsha continued to develop additional unique card games, including FIVE CROWNS, QUIDDLER and XACTIKA, each spanning various styles of game play and skill sets.  2008 marked the addition of Marsha's first board game: SET CUBED, which combines the visual perception of SET with strategy for two to four players.  In 2012 and 2013 Set Enterprises produced Marsha's first games geared toward young children: SET JUNIOR, QUIDDLER JUNIOR and FIVE CROWNS JUNIOR.  In 2014, Set Enterprises released KARMA, Marsha's entertaining elimination game. In 2015, in celebration of 25 years of the release of SET, smaller versions of four of her games were released in MINI ROUNDS — SET, FIVE CROWNS, KARMA, and QUIDDLER.

Marsha volunteers for MarK-9, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue K-9 Posse, and MC2, the Mountain Canine Corp in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She spends much of her free time training her Border Collie, Blue, to help find missing people.  


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